Philly Trip

After a trip to Philadelphia, I came back with many images and a clearer vision which helped to reinforce my conceptual photo projects. Here is an image I’ve taken on my trip that I will include in the Marble Faun, work in progress, series.    


  Grounded, a preview image for a work in progress series called Marble Faun (working title too!). It is a series inspired by William Faulkner’s poem Marble Faun. It is a story about a marble statue that is conscious of itself and it’s surroundings, but unable to interact with it. This is a typical theme of Faulkner; the juxtaposition of the immovable and life. My images don’t communicate the same idea, but involve a personal perspective on what it means to be lonely in society. Look out for further images released on my blog for this series and other work in progress …